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Nature on Curaçao

Besides sporting activities are also many opportunities to Curacao to visit national parks and areas to explore on this beautiful island.

Caves of Hato
Kleine knip
Sea Turtle
Cactus on rock
Dolphin Show

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The Caves of Hato
These caves are a pretty huge corridor stretched across the north side of the island. The entrance is near the airport and is easily accessible. Adventure seekers can book special tours, using the hidden parts of this caves. The impressive stalactites and stalagmites and underground lakes and waterfalls, you can not miss. Ancient wall paintings dating from the original Indian inhabitants of Curaçao, each speaking to the imagination.

Christoffel Park
A beautiful natural park where hikeliefhebbers can climb to the top of the highest point of Curacao, Christoffel Mountain. From over 350 meter, the view is amazing! Jeep, mountain bike and horseback tours are also possible. Those who prefer a relaxed way to enjoy the park, one may own (rented) car park entry.

Mangrove forest in Otrabanda
There are four different types of mangrove forests that 10% of the island surface cover. These trees are very important for the underwater ecosystem and the cultural history of Curaçao. The mangrove forests caused by the seeds that are carried by the flow of water. Then "plant" the seeds in the mud. After some time the roots grow into the air and creates a new mangrove. The mangroves are used for many different things. Unfortunately, the direct use of this disastrous trees - the wood of these trees is used to do with basketball! Unique Curaçao Foundation in cooperation with Carmabi trying to preserve the mangrove forest.

Watamula National Park
Located on the north coast, this park offers good hike, bike and four-wheeling opportunities. It is free, never crowded and often deserted on weekdays. Do not forget the beautiful view from the lighthouse hill, the water spray at the end of the island and the natural bridge at Boca Tabla view.

Roi Rincon
Roi means "dry river bed" in Papiamento. The park is one of the oldest inhabited areas of Curacao. Such a 4500 years ago, the Archaic Indians lived here in small family groups. By 1500 this population is almost entirely by the Spaniards deported to the Dominican Republic, where during the silver and copper mines to work. A small part emigrated to Venezuela. Roi Rincon was after the arrival of the Dutch in 1634 part of Hato Plantation, but the rocky area was too difficult to establish a plantation. The two sources in the area were used as a drinking place for cattle and plantations of the water provided. These sources also explain the green vegetation around here before.

Boka Patrick
A beautiful beach with a panoramic view over the bay and the beautiful waves. This area is nice because it has many different faces: one kokosplamenbos, different types of cacti, beautiful beaches and very special in this dry landscape a rich green valley water.

Caracas Bay Peninsula
The peninsula is close to Willemstad. The past is almost palpable in this region with its rugged rocks, crevices and pools. You can climb the historic Fort Brook Burg, a former sulfur and building a quarantine building visits.

San Nicolas
Beautiful snorkeling in search of the sunken Obresi or "The Blue Room" called Boka Flute, an underwater cave with surprisingly nice light effect.

Boka Ascension
Where turtles can be mock. This is after Bartol Bay, the only place in Curacao where turtles can be seen from land! San Mateo Trail at Porto Mari Salinas at Daaibooi.

Hòfi Pastor
A fairytale atmosphere where you can cozy picnic under the old mango trees and not forgetting the giant kapok tree. His impressive appearance is definitely worth visiting this place. Also you can also camp.

Natural Jacuzzi
Near Boka Patrick is Supladó, a coastal formation of a "geyser" and around a bed where the bathing is wonderful.