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Activities in Curacao

For people who like active holidays there is plenty to do in Curacao. Besides various water sports on the island itself there are several attractions and excursions. Jeep Safari, mountain biking, small day trip to Curaçao, island tour, shopping in Willemstad is only a small selection of the option one or more days to be actively engaged in Curacao.

Swimming with dolphins in the sea aquarium
Quad safari
Beautiful underwater view

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Diving in Curacao
Curacao the perfect holiday destination for divers! The many coral reefs along the coast, Curaçao is the paradise for novice divers and experienced divers.
Diving is one of the most popular sports on Curaçao. There is a wide range of dive sites around the south coast.

Curacao Sea Aquarium
The Curacao Sea Aquarium is perhaps the most popular attraction on the island. Here you can literally immerse yourself in the underwater world. Pull at least half a day for Sea Aquarium because there is much to see and do. Situated on the south coast, just east of Willemstad, the complex includes a marina, a large beach, a hotel a number of large aquariums. Stingrays, sharks, sea turtles, but pelicans, flamingos and sea lions are holding their domicile. The Curaçao Underwater Park is located next to a protected area where marine biologists and other scientists can do esearch. Divers can also access the geied locally known as Bapor Kibra, or Vergane Boat, named after the Oranje Nassau steamship that sank near the coast in 1906.

Dolphin Open Water Dive
Diving with the dolphins is truly sensational, an experience you never forget. The dolphins follow the divers to where the Open Water Dive participants the opportunity to submerge into the world of dolphins while they are surrounded by a beautiful coral reef. The Dolphin Academy is the third facility in the world where one can enjoy an open water swim with trained dolphins.